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contract manufacturing


automatic lathes

In addition to the usual turned parts, we have specialized in turning materials such as 1.4105 and 1.4305. These materials are used in solenoid valves and magnets as armatures and cores. The armature valves or armature coils that are actuated with alternating current must have a smooth, flat surface. We have adapted to these requirements of our customers.


We manufacture turned parts with a diameter of approx. 1mm to 50mm. Depending on customer requirements, we also manufacture larger diameters.

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Milling work in contract manufacturing is carried out quickly and inexpensively by our team on MÜGA and HURCO milling machines.
We process all materials from brass and aluminum to VA steels such as 1.4571.

Our machines:

Müga Center R4530 Working areas X 450mm Y 300mm Z 300mm
The machine has the option of using internally cooled tools and is designed for speed. It is mainly used for the series production of small parts.

Hurco VM10 Working areas X 660mm Y 355mm Z 450mm
We use the Hurco VM10 as a workshop machine for the production of individual parts and series with larger dimensions.

wage assembly


The strengths of our electrical department are complex and high-quality assemblies.

complete devices
Thanks to our flexible production processes, we can often produce small batch sizes much more efficiently than would be possible for the customer in-house.

testing service

Trust is good, control is better. Fixed test steps are part of our normal workflow. First and foremost, we are concerned with quality assurance for our customers, so that rework and complaints are prevented. Testing service is therefore not a chore, but a natural workflow.

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control cabinet construction

Today’s control cabinets are not only used to switch machines and systems on and off, but also to control highly complex processes. This requires a qualified and high-quality assembly of the control cabinets, which we offer with our electrical department.

small parts assembly

The small parts, valve Ex parts assembly and cable assembly includes our range of services in assembly. The quality of a product is reflected in the quality of the smallest detail. Therefore, a precise and sensitive assembly of all small parts is our top priority.

Our range of services in assembly includes:

winding coils
soldering work
Assembly of various small parts
rivets and flanging
Load coils
Gluing e.g. with silicone or component glue
ultrasonic welding
plasma welding



We design and manufacture tools and devices specially tailored to your needs.
Examples of tools manufactured so far:

  • Pressing tool for mailbox
  • Winding device for doctor’s cutlery covers
  • Manufacturing facilities for the electrical industry
  • Assembly and testing facilities, etc.



production design
Using EZ-PA analyzes and company medical support, we create production processes, as well as ergonomic and time-optimized manufacturing and assembly workstations, aligned to the quantities and products to be processed. The construction and optimization of the workplaces is accompanied by us and can be taken over by you or our partner (BDG).

EZ-PA Definition
EZ-PA is the design of ergonomic, time-optimized production and its work processes. Workflows and business processes are systematically structured and organized through the description, structuring, planning and analysis/synthesis using process modules defined in terms of content and time. Influencing variables are made visible, the work systems and production processes are thus designed correctly from the start.

Produktion und

standard device
Assembly time: 100 parts / 16 min

Using EZ-PA analysis
designed device
Assembly time: 100 parts / 8,4 min

The EZ-PA analyzes lead to the following results

Stock reduction by up to 30%
e.g. significantly higher
to “Zero and Negative Working Capital”

Space reduction (15/20%)
With faster throughput times
Through supermarkets, kanban shelves and train stations

Effort reduction (indirect 15/20%)
Less work preparation
Software system and customizing
Less coordination, recalls, special trips

Productivity improvement (direkt 15/25%)
No searching for the material – material hunter
Higher material availability
Less waste, rework

Lead Time Reduction (A „Unit of Measure”)
As a result of need-based production,
and associated small lot sizes
Consistent process linking

Assembly time reduction, cost reduction (20/30%)

Ergonomically designed workstations
With assembly aids such as stops, chamfers, chamfers, etc.
Company medical advice (in cooperation with a company doctor) less sick leave

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